The continuous shifting of circumstances can often create a tilted, upside down, and unbalanced feeling.  Moment by moment our position goes from solid to precarious, as we fight to regain our equilibrium.  Perhaps I am on the wrong road?  Should I turn back, or continue forward? Stop…Go…Yield…Full Speed Ahead…how can we navigate effectively when the signs keep changing?


Synchronicity is defined as the occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible connection.  Over the past two years, I have become IN SYNC as things seem to happen just as they should.  A peaceful and quiet whisper calls me down a particular path, and I embrace the unfolding events that I certainly could not orchestrate.


Here are a few examples of SYNCHRONICITY in action:


Last week, I traveled to Charleston to speak to an amazing company.
The President of EPI Health, John Donofrio, grew up in my neighborhood.  He was friends with my older sister, but I had never met him.  As he introduced me, he shared with his employees that early in his career a particular quote from my Dad had been meaningful to him. This fact was unknown to me, but I had brought him a leather journal with that very quote on the cover.


After I completed my speech, a beautiful young woman approached me. She had recently been tested for the cancer gene that I inherited, and had received the news during my talk that she was negative. We embraced and celebrated. I had no doubt we were meant to be together at that exact time.


I ask members of my audiences to complete a vision card similar to the one my Dad created when he was 17.  A determined young man shared a picture from his phone that revealed the index card he had taped to the dashboard of his car. He had never heard the story I shared, but weeks before had already confirmed his 2020 vison. In that moment, we both received the reinforcement that we were indeed on the right path.


What can you do if you are feeling out of sync?  I wish I had a simple solution, but I can only offer my personal experiences.  I slowed down, listened more, and moved toward joy.  I sought counsel from trusted advisors that seemed to be experiencing what I desired.  I selfishly soaked up the inspiration that so often had been overlooked.  Most importantly, I recognized that a power far greater than I was in control.  Every single day… I find reason to sit back in awe and wonder how everything has aligned perfectly.