You retreated into the stillness. It was lonely and heartbreaking. What did you hear in the silence?


You are not alone. Your emotions are tangled right now, and you are doing your best to unravel and find some meaning. You can clearly identify the healthy people that bring laughter and unconditional acceptance into your world. Why do you lean toward those that have communicated they don’t need you in their lives? Let them go. Acknowledge the gaping hole that was created when he left…but understand you cannot heal it with another person. The perpetual ache is a reminder of what you shared.


You doubt your voice. It is no match for the enormous consuming tragedies that greet you every single morning. And yet, you have felt the power of love. When selfless, authentic love is freely poured out over a hurting human…miracles happen. Through the ages the magnitude of love has been written in verse, lyric, letter, and line. This is the time to venture out and share what has been bestowed upon you.


What if I am met with rejection? I will be. So, isn’t it safer to stay in my bubble and protect myself? This essential question has been gnawing at my soul. Filled with relentless anxiety, I am certain of what must be done.


Courage is necessary on the treacherous journey we all must take. There will be days when retreat is required as we reinforce our defenses. But with each step…with each hug…with each act of kindness…you will overcome.


You retreat into the stillness. It is comforting and enlightening. What will you do?