Love Yourself

The darkness of winter enshrouds every aspect of my world. Missing the sunshine and warmth, I hide under my fleece lined blanket preparing for the coming months of hibernation. Empty seats at the holiday table, tales of tragedy, and end of the year regrets provoke a familiar ache. I can easily recall the happy, carefree girl of my youth. Tragedy and loss seemed to have forced her into some type of witness protection program, and these days she is all but lost to me.

If you are one of the lucky ones that can escape the emotional challenges of this season, then by all means read no further.

A woman lifts her arms in praise at sunset

However, if you find yourself feeling heavy and burdened…take a deep breath and sit with me for just a moment. We are all aware that we cannot give away what we do not possess, and yet with our tank on empty we continue to overcommit ourselves to people and activities. I have magical dreams of how I want to fill the remaining weeks of 2018 with nothing but love and celebration…but I am not quite sure how all of this can be accomplished from my well worn place on the couch from underneath my blanket.

Take out your list of things to do and write down in capital letters at the top: TAKE CARE OF ME

Strive to get 8 hours of sleep, move my body even just a little every day, listen to a 10 minute guided meditation before bed or in the morning, cry for those I am missing, don’t overeat to deal with my grief, practice daily forgiveness for myself and others, and before I place another date on my calendar ask myself “does this bring me joy?”…if the answer is NO…don’t do it. It has taken me 46 years to fully grasp the importance of self-care. I want to be there for others, but not if it means I have to sacrifice my own peace.

As I continue my 12 week journey (which now looks like it will take a full year) in the Artist’s Way workbook, I was instructed to adopt a daily mantra that has seriously altered my focus.


I am praying you join me in giving yourself the time and love you deserve that will infuse you with the strength needed to face whatever comes your way. I LOVE YOU and I LOVE ME TOO:)