Blossoming Friendships

Friendship is complicated, sustaining, and quite miraculous. What draws us to one another? Do we match ourselves with someone that exudes some quality that is lacking in our own makeup? Maybe it’s the way in which we are transformed in the presence of that special someone that creates the bond.


For whatever the reason, there are individuals that become irreplaceable companions during our journey.


I can vividly recall purchasing a BEST FRIEND necklace and gifting one half of the heart charm to my childhood BFF. I had someone to sit with at lunch, play four- square with during recess, and plan weekend sleepovers. I was fortunate to have girlfriends that made me feel as if I belonged and was worthy of their love and attention. These early confidantes would create the healthy building blocks I would need to trust other women.

Through each stage of my life, I have discovered comrades that share similar experiences. Girls from college, mothers in my neighborhood, fellow teachers at school, even a few I met through social media have greatly enriched my days. There are some that stay for a brief moment, and others that have become like sisters. Men have certainly played a vital role in my world, but it is the females

that I seek when I need to be fully known. It was a woman that understood the challenges of being a new mom. It was a woman that explained how it would feel to go through breast cancer. It was a woman that held my hand through chemotherapy. It was a woman that believed in me enough to give me the opportunity of a lifetime. It is the voice of a woman that I hear through the phone as I pray each morning.

My friends are like a colorful bouquet of flowers. Each one brightens my world with their beauty, strength, and devotion. If you are lucky enough to experience a connection with another, tell her what she means to you. Find time to recapture those childlike giggles that can only occur when we sit beside a friend.