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Broken Places

The jagged edges capable of inflicting pain, and the intricate cracks forming a unique pattern in the glass, immediately caught my attention.  Unable to move a muscle, I was inexplicably captivated by the damage. The heap of junk that should have been hauled away, seemed to symbolize my own scars.  And yet, the sun’s vibrant rays escaped through the gaping holes and warmed my face.


An appliance, a bone, your car, our hearts…if anything is broken we fix it without much hesitation.  When we lack the ability to reverse the damage, we simply find an expert that possesses the necessary skills.  Honestly, I can find nothing wrong with the desire to mend anything that is in need of attention.  With the passage of time, however, I seem to discover a growing list of items that are unable to be repaired.


I believe that the experience of suffering creates the strongest bonds between humans. Love is a choice, and you can live your entire life never embracing this profound feeling.  However, escaping pain is an impossibility. Without a doubt, each of us would absolutely choose to avoid heartache.  Assuming that option is unavailable, can we somehow find the purpose in the pain?


Tragedy has strengthened my faith. I grasp the understanding that my power is insufficient in certain circumstances. My relationships are enriched when I am able to empathize with those that are facing a trial. Living with a deeper gratitude has occurred as a direct result of grappling with challenges. I no longer chase the illusion of perfection, but seek to uncover peace and contentment.


Perhaps that empty place exists in both of us, so that our brilliance can more easily reach the hidden places and people that are in need of energizing light.  Search for the beauty in the brokenness, and embrace the transformation to come.