You and I

26 years ago you provided the spark that would continue to glow even in your absence. Today, I am traveling to serve as the keynote speaker at the 2019 V Scholar Summit in Rochester, Minnesota. Can you believe that there are researchers across the country that are using money from your foundation to support their essential work? I already know the answer to my foolish question. You always believed in the impossible. Perhaps you can lend me a touch of your strength, so that I don’t make a complete fool of myself and ugly cry in front of this distinguished group. What do you want me to share? How can I make them fully grasp the magnitude of the moment?

I am a grieving daughter… thankful that others have joined my Dad’s team.

I am a 13 year cancer survivor… because of lifesaving research.

I am a mother… grateful for the chance to see her boys become men. Fully aware that others are not so fortunate.

I am an advocate…that must continue the battle.

Dad, we share more than a cancer gene. Though our time was brief, there are bits and pieces of you that I tucked away knowing full well I would need them in the days ahead. As I pack my travel bag for this adventure, I neatly fold our precious memories and take them with me. You will be beside me, and your powerful voice will mix with mine. Let our message of hope, love, humor, and divine inspiration bind us forever and transform the lives of those that hear.

Let us go, you and I, and conquer the world together.