Happy New Year!

I embraced the thrill of the beginning, as the winter sun signaled a new day.  Remembering I had promised Grant we would start 2020 with a power walk, I threw on a hat and laced my sneakers.  The soundtrack to Frozen 2 blared through my headphones as I connected with my inner Elsa.  Usually, Grant and I escape into the music as we travel the neighborhood sidewalks together.  However, on this particular morning there were sights all around that captured my heart.

Enormous cardboard boxes were positioned around the cul-de-sac.  Obviously, someone had received furniture for the holidays and left the boxes by the curb for garbage day. As I came closer, I realized a makeshift town had been created. Children huddled inside imagined stores and homes that were complete with appropriate props and gathered treasures.  I watched in awe as they “lived” in their pretend community. 


Around the corner, I spotted a group of boys racing down the hill on shiny scooters.  Each of them wore a superhero cape now flapping in the wind.  Eyes filled with adventure and smiles of freedom had me truly believing that they were off to save the world.  The leader shouted something to the others as they disappeared from view.


Everywhere I looked the streets were filled with young people enjoying the warm weather and holiday vacation.  Somehow, I must have been transported back in time, because not one of these children held any type of technology.  At what age did I pack up my overflowing imagination in order to embrace reality? Creativity cannot be allowed to roam freely into every area of my existence.  If I gave into every whimsical idea, I might actually be forced to live in a cardboard box. 


But those giggles…and the look on their faces…and the energy and joy…when was the last time I had felt that way?  As if God wanted to drive the lesson home, Idina Menzel’s voice sang…


I’ve had my adventure, I don’t need something new

I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you

Into the Unknown


Imagination and creativity must not be discarded if we are to LIVE out our personal ADVENTURES.  We should be afraid of what we might be missing if we don’t fearlessly go into the unknown. 


Happy New Year…now go outside and play!