Becoming Whole

As I walk down the aisles of the world’s marketplaces, I snatch up my heart’s desires. There is an unending list of wants that I just cannot exist without. And yet, I never seem content. I continue my search convinced that the next purchase will finally complete me. If only…when that happens…I can’t…that’s not fair…maybe one day…are the mantras often used to excuse my shameful behavior.becoming whole

When nothing and nobody of this world could bring relief, I became still and silent. A season of reflection and discovery followed. The lack of movement felt unnatural, but crucial. There were gifts and talents that had tragically gone unused. Original and creative musings that had been drowned out by the noise. Scars left from criticism and strife began to heal. I gathered up the necessary light, energy, and strength to begin my transformation. The insatiable hunger deep within had vanished, and now my robust spirit was ready to glow.

Face each day as if you need nothing. Strive to accomplish what only you can. Comparing yourself to another is fruitless, because there is not one person like you that walks the earth. This humble acknowledgement will bring forth a flurry of activity. Like a magnet you will be pulled toward the places, people, and things meant specifically for you. There is no greater joy than fulfilling your divine calling, and pushing others to do the same.

“A person really doesn’t become whole, until he becomes a part of something bigger than himself.” – Jim Valvano