My Precious Friend

I met you in the midst of crippling grief. My hero had died. Searching for a new normal, I moved into a tiny, dark room in the bottom of our sorority house. From our bunk beds, we whispered our hopes and dreams for the shiny future filled with limitless possibilities. A divine friendship was formed…one that would sustain and nourish our souls for the next 25 years.

Yesterday, through falling tears, I watched you drive away. For two days, we needed nothing more than each other. As the rain fell outside, we huddled under blankets and poured out everything that had been locked inside our hearts and minds. We spoke of our fears, worries, doubts, and discoveries. The joy, celebration, and pride freely flowed as we viewed the multitude of pictures that together tell the stories of our days. My walls shook with the type of laughter that has seldom been heard in my home. The kind of hilarity that forces you to hold your stomach, as you try hard to catch your breath between the soundless body shaking chuckles. After your departure, I sat on the couch and cried like a little girl that had lost her best friend. I did what I often do…I write.

You always remark that when you are with me you feel powerful…like you could do anything. I don’t know why or how I give you that strength, but I am so thankful that I offer some value. You are my safe place, my refuge, and my home. Your brilliant light illuminates and allows me to see and feel everything that has been hidden… even from myself. Saying I feel loved when I am with you, does not fully capture the feeling. In your presence, I am fully KNOWN. I am the me that I want to be. There is a peace that settles and soothes…and I can fully breathe. You comfort and heal in a way that enables me to continue my journey.

Go forth into battle as the mighty woman of faith that you are. When you grow weary…come back to be restored by the power of our bond. I adore you… my precious friend.