There was a single moment of clarity when I deeply understood that my union was crumbling. We sat side by side on a couch in front of the marriage counselor. I don’t recall the topic being discussed, however there was an unforgettable utterance. When are we going to stop talking about

17 years have passed since the day that I met you. You invited us into an unknown world. I crumbled when the MRI revealed the significant damage to your brain. As your mother, I owned the heavy responsibility of fixing you. How could I straighten your head, enable your eyes

The jagged edges capable of inflicting pain, and the intricate cracks forming a unique pattern in the glass, immediately caught my attention.  Unable to move a muscle, I was inexplicably captivated by the damage. The heap of junk that should have been hauled away, seemed to symbolize my own scars. 

    · Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the right breast · Carrier of a BRAC2 mutation, designated XG1377ins · 85% change of getting breast cancer in your lifetime · 50% chance of diagnosis of secondary primary breast cancer · 27% of developing ovarian cancer in your lifetime · Increased chance of developing melanoma, colon, throat, and pancreatic

There are universal stages of grief that seem to be experienced by individuals from all walks of life. However, I believe the process of healing is quite personal and entirely unique. When Ted and Lisa Miller lost a treasured friend to cancer on September 25, 2018, I knew there was

I had hardly settled into my recliner when Leonardo Dicaprio was mauled by a grizzly bear in the cinematic experience known as The Revenant. The images on the screen were so visceral, that I fought the urge to flee from the theater. I don’t camp, hike, fish or hunt, and

Friendship is complicated, sustaining, and quite miraculous. What draws us to one another? Do we match ourselves with someone that exudes some quality that is lacking in our own makeup? Maybe it's the way in which we are transformed in the presence of that special someone that creates the bond.

My 19-year old son, Jake, is currently working at a summer camp. He sent me the following text yesterday: I saw my camper writing a letter today. It said, “I haven’t met any friends yet except my one counselor Jake.” It made me so happy. Jake has learned a lesson that

As an educator, I have had the privilege of interacting with amazing young people each year. In the scheme of things, our time together is brief. Each of them stay forever frozen as a middle schooler in my memory. Apex Friendship High School graciously invited me to serve as the 2019

26 years ago you provided the spark that would continue to glow even in your absence. Today, I am traveling to serve as the keynote speaker at the 2019 V Scholar Summit in Rochester, Minnesota. Can you believe that there are researchers across the country that are using money from